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We carry Gen 4 DPI chargers
Unattended batteries will lose approximately 1% of their charge per day when left to sit. The DPI charger has a 5 stage algorithm to insure the best most complete recharge.  THe DPI charger has a maintenance mode. When the charge cycle is complete the charger monitors the battery pack. When the pack gets down to 48v the charger initiates another charge cycle.  

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Yewy 1200z smart charger

 DPI charger

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Club Car OBC bypass allows use of DPI smart charge above with float mode on any 48v cart with the on-board computer originally controlling the OEM charger. To complete the bypass perform action described for all models and one action for sepex or series carts, whichever applies to your cart. For additional assistance contact buggiesgonewild golf cart forum.

All models

On all models the 10g black wire from the charge receptacle needs to be disconnected (cut away from) the OBC and fitted with a 5/16ths battery stud terminal. This battery terminal connects to the main negative battery terminal. Main negative battery terminal identified as the terminal who's heavy battery cable is running through the OBC and then connected to the controller B- terminal.

Sepex Carts

Disconnect the 6-pin OBC connector and splice the White and Blue wires together on the harness side for all years IQ and Excel carts.

For the Regen-2 and other Model Years where the Blue wire was connected to the harness instead of the controller, the OBC provided power directly to the electrical system.
If the White and the Red/White wires going to the OBC are the same gauge, I would still use the White wire, but add a 10 amp inline fuse.

If the Red/White wire is a larger gauge, then use the Red/White on the OBC side of the connector and keep the OEM fuse.

Series Carts
All model years of the Series carts, the OBC provided the negative side of the Solenoid on the Yellow wire.

For the Series carts You just have to disconnect the Yellow wire from the OBC and run it directly from Solenoid to controller B- (or other negative source like pack negative).

 NEW Smart Charger Yewey 1200z

Select your cart voltage & plug type at checkout. 

​There are 4 Ezgo plug types available.

  • Early Ezgo Marathon and Medalist carts utilized the Anderson SB50 plug  #6
  • All Ezgo TXT DCX, PDS, & Series carts use the D style plug #1
  • Ezgo RXV & TXT48 use the triangle plug #3
  • Ezgo Industrial models use the square slotted plug #2
  • ​Club Car DS originally 36v use the crowsfoot* plug available in 36 or 48v  

            *  Crowsfoot  plug not shown - looks like this   \ /  

  • Club Car originally 48v DS and Precedent use the round 3 pin plug #9

​​These are the 6 plugs we offer at this time. Thank you for looking

Important information about Club Car chargers.

We offer 1 model of this charger for 48v Club Cars. It does not work with the on board computer. 

These chargers are stand alone chargers. This charger is ideal for owners who bypass the OBC and wish to take advantage of the float or maintenance mode charge.

Please be certain which charger you want BEFORE you order. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee plus freight charges. If you have any questions about which charger you need please email me BEFORE you order.

Made in the USA

​Full 2 year warranty


• 36Vdc, 18Adc Output

• 42Vdc, 17Adc Output
• 48Vdc, 17Adc Output

• 120Vac 60Hz Input (Standard US house current)
• 9ft Length Input and Output Cords
• Output Connector Type: Select your application
• Designed/Made In USA (92% min. USA material sourced content)
• UL/CSA Listed
• No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection
• 20 Amp DC Panel Meter and 5-L.E.D. Read-out
• Patented Selector allows user to charge most every lead-acid battery type
• 32lbs (14.5kg), 6.25x6.875x10.25in (159x175x260mm)

2 year factory warranty

DPI  Accusense is simply the best thing you do for your batteries. The 5 stage charge insures proper and thorough charging.  

The maintenance mode recharges the pack when needed.

Available in 36 42 and 48v volts with plugs to fit any cart.

4 modes insure the correct finish voltage for all make batteries.

$295 with any plug.

Gen-IV  DPI with maintenance mode