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What is Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging?

How does a Pulse Width Modulation Charge Controller Work?

The PWM charger constantly monitors the battery pack's state of charge  to determine how much current to put back in.

The advanced type of Charge control ensures efficient charging of the batteries. PWMs help to regulate the often inconsistent voltage put out by power sources in order to protect the system batteries from overcharging. The PWM charger constantly checks the current battery state and self-adjusts accordingly to battery condition to send only the right amount of charge to the battery, eliminating over or under charging.


In essence, this type of charge controller works by reducing the current from the power source according to the battery’s condition and recharging requirements, which is in contrast to on/off charge controllers which suddenly cut off power transfer to minimize battery overcharging. The PWM charge controller does this by checking the state of the battery to determine both how long (wide) the charge pulses should be as well as how fast they should come.


By constantly analyzing the battery information, the PWM charge controller self-adjusts and sends the appropriate pulse to charge the battery. The PWM charger varies the length and speed of the pulses sent to the battery as needed. This is essentially a rapid on and off switch. When the battery is nearly discharged, the pulses may be long and continuous, and as it becomes charged, the pulses become shorter or trickled off. This trickle or float type charging mode is important for  wet cell systems that self discharge & can go days or weeks without additional input.


This type of charge controller is idea for golf carts where deep discharge is a regular occurrence.

It provides several key benefits:

higher charging efficiency,

rapid recharging,

Float charging,

and healthier batteries that operate at full capacity.

Anderson SB50 cord end on every charger

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Input AC 110-130 volts.

Aluminum heatsink case

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Fixed cord end is a common Anderson SB50

Short adapter cords available for most common golf carts.

​Switchable cord ends allow one charger to service multiple carts.

Available in

36 volts 20 amps or

48 volts 20 amps

Anderson SB50  connector supplied

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The pack voltage and current amp draw indicate this pack is in the final charging stage.

The amp hour (AH) is the actual amount of energy put back into the pack and indicates useage

The Yewey charger comes with the SB50 plug shown above.  

Adapters below plug into the SB50  and into most popular carts.

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Yewy 1200z

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LCD readout gives real time charging information

See the battery pack voltage, 
current amperage draw, charging time,  
and the quantity of amp hours put back into the pack

Plus a charge status light

Yewy 1200 CHARGER 36v

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