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20 - 30 amp  Power reducers provide safe reliable 12v power

Choose a 30 amp power reducer with 6 circuit lighted fuse panel

or 20a plug n play Club Car Precedent reducer.

12v DC reducer

Diagram for typical install with DC reducer & fuse panel kit

Wire size : 

12g wire to battery pack

14g to 16g to all 12v accessories

LED lighting may be smaller.

Fuse panel & reducer combination offer  below

6 circuit covered fuse panel has LED alert which lights up the position of any fuse that is blown. So you can see if the fuse is bad without opening the cover.       How cool is that !?

DC reducer/fuse block/bus bar/& fuses

Key switch power on and off and a constant 12v supply

to power radio memory  

Complete 12v kit savings

30 amp DC reducer & covered fuse block

with marine bus bar & fuses

​$105 complete

Save $5 when you add the Fuse panel kit

Fuse panel has LEDs that light up

when a fuse blows.

No more guessing and hunting

for a burnt fuse

Kit includes ground bus bar, fuses,

and splash cover as shown

See the combo option

in the drop down menu below

Tech note: We have sold hundreds of these units.

These  HD 30 amp units are the most durable DC reducer available 

​Match them up with the little fuse panel and ground buss bar below for the best results

~ All NEW  VEEGO ~

30 amp reducer with two - 12v power supplies

Club Car Precedent                Special price $79

3 Day Shipping

just $9.50

USA only


CC Precedent Reducer
Veego DC reducer
12v fuse block/bus bar/& fuses


​Wherever you go - Veego !


No wires to cut

or splice!

​Just plug in and play

​Key switch activated.

Extra leads for additional 12v accessories too.

12v Accessory install kit includes
all the components you need for safe reliable 12v operation.
Rugged marine quality 6 fuse panel with LED trouble lights
let you know when a fuse has popped without removing the protective splash cover. 
Easy one wire common feed (green wire from the reducer) and

6 protected circuits with common 1/4" push on spade connector attachments.
You also get the Marine quality brass terminal buss bar connector. 
Connect the battery pack main (-) to any buss bar terminal and run a ground wire from the the bus bar to each accessory to complete a 12v circuit.

Minimized the number of wires at the more corrosive battery post.
6  fuses included 

12v ACC    $29.95

Club Car 2005 and up Precedent OEM reducer from Red Hawk. 

With a simple plug in connection to the Club Car Precedent harness this 20a unit safely powers your lights and  accessories.  It turns on and shuts off  with the key switch.

#1.      12v power supply for 36v to 60v Carts.

Easy 5 wire connection converts the total battery pack voltage to 12v so your 12v accessories draw evenly across the pack. The 5th wire connects to the key switch so the reducer is off when not in use.