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Series SR48400

460 amp peak controller $442 or ....

Speed controllers and solenoids must be

matched up correctly to avoid failure

not covered under the 2 year warranty 

The  Speed Control regulates amperage flow 

from the battery pack to the motor.

The Solenoid is the on/off switch between speed controller

and the battery pack.

Bigger tires, more passengers, sand or hills

​all require more power & increased amperage flow.

Series Controller



SR48300 just $395

$449 includes a 200 amp solenoid with resistor and diode

 Alltrax SR controls are compatible with the speed shift on the fly

For more info on FN speed switch click on

Alltrax FN Products 

SR500/400 Options
Choose throttle pre-set
Battery set up info
SR400/200 Options
Throttle pre-set to :
Battery set up info
SR400/400 Options
Choose throttle setting
Battery set up info
SR48300 Options
Choose throttle set-up

Item #2    400 controller with 200 solenoid just  $469
SR-48400  All around Campground & Neighborhood
460 peak amp output, 36 or 48 volt operation, choose a 200 amp 36v or 48v heavy duty solenoid with a free resistor, & diode.

Big tires & rear seats okay on moderate terrain. Steep terrain see pkg 485
Resistor and Diode, and safety Main Fuse are included.
More peak & sustained amperage output than the competition.

More amperage = more torque for bigger tires and hills
This control has 10 throttle input options. The drop down menu below offers the most common types. 
Many other throttle types are easily selected with a PC and printer cable. Go to to see all program options.
Email or call if you have questions selecting the correct throttle for your cart.
Current Sale Price is our lowest price ever for this 400 amps and 200 amp solenoid kit sale price $471
 Select cart & voltage before adding to cart.  

            NEW Alltrax SR  Controller packages, Save Big.
 For all make Series carts.   Ready to ship by  2-3 day delivery 

The SR controls are the next generation. They do things you wish your old controller did like reverse polarity protection on both input and output sides,

So you are protected from any mishap or install error
Many other features are new like built in cooling fan and automatic throttle signal calibration.  Increased peak and sustained outputs make the 500 equal to the old 600 controls.... More program options like build your own throttle and torque curves. And simple USB compatible programming......
Built in cooling fan extends reduces heat and a full 2 year warranty.

See 10 reasons why the new Alltrax controllers are the best ever!

<click "about Alltrax controllers" here >

Look at the incredible deals in the drop down menu ! 200a solenoid for $28

Cable sets are 2g welding lead with copper ends & heat shrink sealed

Free batter meter with cable order


Item #5  SR48600  

Maximum output for all aftermarket motors 

​680 amp peak output

 Add an extra  36 or 48v resistor to your controller package purchase below.

Allows 36v operation now and 48v operation later by swapping resistors.

Item #4. Pkg #485  

500 control & 400 solenoid  

Our most popular kit 

The Huntin' Buggie pkg SR48500 + 400 solenoid

Package deal for just $559 includes
The new SR48500 runs on 36 or 48 volts 

570 amp peak is higher than any competitive brand

A great combination for modified golf carts with big tires and rear seats. 
Suitable for off road hunting buggies and aftermarket motors. 
Use were bigger tires, added seating, or hills increase torque demands  

Series controllers


350 amp peak replacement controls $395

All SR units are 36-48v operational without a program change.

Please read >  In checkout click 'more' to show all selected options to the seller. 

All SR controls receive free programming before they ship. 

Choose throttle type & reverse speed/power % for your model

from the drop down menus in the add to cart button

Selecting Ezgo adds the solenoid bracket needed for TXT installation

Note that 100% reverse is usually selected for off road use only

SR controller and SW202 reversing contactor 

Ezgo TXT install shown

Above link is an add-on for controller purchase.

Use link below for separate resistor & diode purchase

Higher peak and sustained outputs.  Reverse polarity protection. Optional solenoid control & safety lock while charging. Optional fan on 400 size units. Fan standard on 500 size units. A selection of throttle inputs fits all series carts.

Easy usb cable programming means you can enjoy fully adjustable throttle & torque curves and  set motor rpm limit or reverse speed limit.

Select voltage / terminal size


 Exgo TXT owners why pay extra. Get a FREE solenoid bracket 

FREE  resistor and diode with every series controller.

​That's Right!

Save $30-50 versus shopping elsewhere

​With low solenoid combo pricing and FREE accessories

Select voltage / value
SR600/400 Options
Choose throttle setting
Battery set up info

Note all Alltrax SR controls are compatible with the speed shift on the fly

For more info on FN speed switch click on Alltrax FN Products  

12. Optional Fan Kit for SR controls

​for SR48300 & SR48400 units

Regularly $47 now $42 when added on to any SR order above.

​Includes free install on your new control 

Fan fits SR 300 and 400 amp units

 Allows longer peak and sustained outputs.
Boost the 400XCT performance to nearly a 500a unit
Keep the controller cool for better performance and longer life. 

Fan kit is included on 500 and 600 amp SR controls

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Note all Alltrax SR controls are compatible with the FN1 speed shift on the fly

For more info on FN speed switch click on Alltrax FN Products 

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more info below

Made in the USA speed controls

Look at the incredible deals in the drop down menu. Get a 400a solenoid with resistor and diode for just $50.  Add a cable set get a free in dash meter and switch plate

14. SR48600 with fan kit  & 400 super solenoid

optional 400 solenoid mounting bracket for Ezgo  

570 peak amps for the biggest aftermarket motors

570 peak amp output

Inquire for pricing and availability 

Controller   +    Solenoid   +   Cables  +  HD switch    =     More Torque

Item #3

SR48400 control and 400 super solenoid $499
 Great for Campground & Neighborhood  

 Plus the ability to go from 36 to 48 volts later
460 peak amp output, 36 or 48 volt operation, with a 400 amp

36v to 48v SUPER DUTY solenoid with resistor, & diode.
Suitable for 22" tires & rear seats okay on moderately hilly terrain.
Includes Resistor, Diode, Main Fuse, & mount hardware  
Higher peak & sustained output than the  old NPX or AXE controls.

More amperage = more torque. 

Optional cooling fan available for longer peaks        
Compatible with many makes of golf carts. Make your selection below.
All SR controls are easily reprogrammed with free software 
Current Sale Price is our
lowest price ever for this

400 amps and 400 amp solenoid kit $499     
Please choose Volts / Throttle type for free pre-programming

CUstomize your ride - Alltrax program software is

easy to use & best of all it's FREE

 2 Year



Made in theUSAspeed controls with a 2 yr warranty

Each control is pre-programmed = no user programming is required

Note all pkgs now contain the upgraded SW180  or MZ400 solenoid  

Each solenoid includes the  resistor and diode 

Electronic speed controls from Alltrax are made for the DIY person.

Some wire ends may need to be changed. They are not plug and play.

Most people with some mechanical ability can do this.

This is a level 2 upgrade

See the install rating system

How to Order

1. Use the drop down menus to select the options you want.

2. Selections package options from controller alone to complete systems.

     Discounts escalate as needed options like F&R and cables are added on

3. Select the throttle type by identifying the make and year of your cart

4. 50% reduced reverse speed is default. Easily changed with laptop (or PC) and usb printer cable

5. If adding cables to your order select the proper battery configuration like 6/6v or 6/8v etc.

When selections are complete - click add to cart and proceed to the secure checkout

6. In check out click 'see more' if all options selected are not shown 

                                Note - Ezgo TXT solenoid bracket included

For help with selection or install email

Why pay more ? Save $$$

A series speed controller & solenoid combo includes a resistor, and a diode.

Select ​Ezgo ITS programming and receive a FREE solenoid bracket

SW180 super 200 amp Solenoid upgrade with magnetic breakouts

and MZJ 400a super solenoids available at huge discounts. 

Magnetic breakout benefits explained on the solenoid page

Run your 36v series cart on 48 volts for more Speed

Tech notes:

Upgrade the Forward & Reverse switch in all series drive carts when upgrading the speed control.
Remember if it doesn't have my HD switch cam in it, it's not really a heavy duty or ultra cooling F&R switch

See our Reversing contactor conversion kits for the BEST in HD shifting and operation convenience.

We sell a complete line of Admiral motors to meet your  needs. 

Install cable upgrades for best results.

Generally 4 gauge is good up to 500a and 2 gauge  is good for 500a and up systems. 
Bigger cables provide less resistance & deliver more amperage.

More amperage = more torque.  Happy Carting!

Item #1     Alltrax new SR48300    For all years Ezgo / CC/ Yamaha/ others

300a Alltrax SR48300 control & SW180 200 amp solenoid just $449 for both
Better than stock replacement controller and solenoid package

350 peak amp output & higher sustained output compared to any competitor
Durable Alltrax 300 amp 
controllers are a smart replacement choice.
Free program software from Alltrax. Simple usb connection for programming
Allows for custom throttle curves, acceleration rate selection, & more.

All controllers come preprogrammed. User programming is optional.

Simply select your cart from the drop down menu when ordering.

All Controller & solenoid combos include a free resistor and diode (a $15 value)

Bigger SR48400 amp & SR48500 amp controls are also available.

See item #10 - 14 this page.