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One more question,, I assume (hope) I can still use my existing charger? 

I do not have the model number at hand but it is a nice 36v auto charger….

Absolutely, you can use the original or any 36v model charger. The install instruction suggest the charger is wired to the (battery) pack mains instead of to the F&R switch. This change is shown in the install diagrams. When you are ready to go to 48v we can provide a 48v DPI charger with the crowfoot plug to fit your cart.

Conversion to solid state changes the way the battery power is delivered to the motor. It is a smoother more efficient and precise delivery but it does not increase the the battery or the motor power. Those are options made possible by conversion to solid state. Options like 48v operation and aftermarket motors support bigger tires and added passengers best.

Most carts do perform better because the old system was in such poor condition but, generally speaking wide open throttle is wide open throttle no matter how you get there. At the end of the go pedal stroke the motor has a direct connection to the battery pack. Increasing the battery pack voltage and increasing the motor size are 2 options for increasing the cart speed.

Solid state does give you is the opportunity to run the cart on 48v.

48v will cause the motor to produce 33% more speed and torque.

Conversion to solid state also opens the option for aftermarket motors in 36 or 48v. These motors ( like Admiral A1) produce 2.5 times the horsepower

and double the speed of a stock motor.

Right now I'm getting reports of 25 - 27 mph Club Cars on 23" tires with the solid state conversion, 48v,  and MOT-A1 motor.  I hope this helps

Thank you for your interest in my solid state conversion kits.

​Resistor coil drive is 50 yr old technology.

Early carts used a series of varying size resistor coils to limit current for speed control.

 It work well enough to allow DC carts to traverse moderate golf courses where many stops provided much needed cooling off periods.

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Below are some commonly asked questions about the kits and solid state drive.

You should read "why convert to solid state"first... you may find all your questions answered there. 


Solid State Conversion FAQs

Common Questions

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I have an 82 clubcar ds that I am restoring.  It will have 23” tires, and will be primarily used at on road.  It will have a rear fold down seat and will be hauling several people.
I am considering upgrading from the resistor system.

It is 36volt, and I just purchased brand new batteries, however, I may want to go to 48 volt in future.  Do your systems allow this?
If I install the FN1 option, can it be locked to low power in case the kids drive it, keeping them from changing it?

Which system do you recommend?

The C54 kit is our most popular kit for this cart. C54 can be run on 36v now and 48v later and the FN1 speed control can be added.

The FN1 does not have a lock feature.

You can hide the speed dial under the seat or you can install a hidden toggle switch and switch between 2 preset speeds like kiddie speed and full speed.
Thanks for asking

Thanks for the fast response.
Do you have any sales going on?  I will need the c54, the FN1, heavy duty cables.


Yes the Alltrax upgrade for the C54 kit went on sale 11-16-16
That is the current listed price is $50 off for a limited time.
The GE control is being replaced in our product line with the more versatile Alltrax control with a 2yr warranty 
Select the C54 kit with HD F&R and 2g cable set from the drop down menu and add the FN1 switch for the best conversion experience and most reliable performance possible.
Thanks for asking

A question I get a lot is "Can anybody do this?" (conversion kit installation)  

My answer is no.

No more than can anybody change the oil in a lawnmower?

Can anybody change a tire?  

Or can anybody add a light fixture in the garage?

This is a level 2 project with the rotary F&R and a level 3 project with the reversing contactor. Read the install level ratings.

I have developed a level rating for you, so that you can make an honest decision about what projects fit your skills.  All of the project kits sold are rated. Each level requires an increasing number of tools and skills. 

Let us be  honest.

I cannot make you a level 3 technician. Start with something easy like a battery meter and work your way up.

If you find yourself in over your head go to the golf cart forum for community help.

Thank you 

1. How fast will a conversion kit make my cart go? 


Just to let you know all appears to be working great, plenty of speed, actually more than needed, the hills are no longer an issue.  The conversion result is more than expected.

IT SPINS THE WHEELS !!!  It was well worth the effort, Have a great weekend.   JBL 48v C54 Club Car