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My Cart shudders when I try to go. Why is this happening. 

Answer: The most common cause is low battery pack voltage under load.

A less common cause is a bad cable connection.

Solution: New batteries and or cables

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The shudder. What is it exactly? What happens mechanically when the cart shudders instead of doing what you told it to do?

The solenoid is rapidly engaging and disengaging causing the power supply to be turned on/off & on/off rapidly and repeatedly. Why?

Battery voltage is highest when at rest and lowest when under load. At rest the battery voltage is high enough to activate the solenoid coil and the cart begins to go but the pack cannot sustain the power needed run the cart and the pack voltage is significantly reduced by the load. This reduced voltage is not high enough to keep the solenoid closed so it opens, stopping the cart. 

BUT WAIT> as soon as the solenoid is opened the load is removed from the pack & the voltage rises and the solenoid re-engages only to pull the pack down to where it has to drop out again. And this continues to happen over and over at a very high rate of speed. You feel the cart shudder..... the solenoid is being hammered. Contact wear & damage is occurring at a accelerated pace when this happens.

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