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CC F&R 1ms

See alternative switching devices

See the Super Duty Reversing Contactor kit and more.

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3.  EZ575  1994.5 & up Ezgo with floor mount bracket   $139 new lower price

5.  EZ585L 1987.5 -1994.5  Late Marathon with any handle 1 thru 3   $179

​Switch does not include handle but does fit any of the square hole handles. Some samples shown below

4.  EZ585E 1976 -1986  Early Marathon with rod & shift knob            $189

2.  CC92F  1993 & newer Club Car  with 3 micro switch     $159

1 forward micro switch and 2 reverse micro switches for reverse beeper and/or reduce speed activation with Alltrax Controllers.                                                                        Fits all solid state conversions & all 48v series carts

1.  CC82F  1981 & newer Club Car  with single micro switch     $119

 Heavy Duty Switches for

Ezgo & Club Car with up to 60% greater amperage handling

and cooling advantage.

Heavy Duty

Forward & Reverse

F&R Switches

golf ​​​​​​​Carts Unlimited

OEM style Club Car shift lever

<< Old handle was this (left)

               New handle arrives like this >>

EZ585L F&R 1987-94.5
EZ585E F&R 1976-86
TXT F&R extra thick bus bars
CC F&R 3ms

EZ585E includes the late model T shift handle pictured above.

The original handle will no longer fit this unit.

Club Car Shift Lever


All F&R include new micro switches. Ezgo Marathon switch does not include the OEM double stacked reverse switch used for reverse beeper & 1/2 speed reverse. If both reverse beeper and reduced speed is desired transfer OEM switch to the new HD F&R. Otherwise you can use one function or the other with the new switch provided.



NOT INCLUDED unless indicated

Our Ezgo F&R may look the same as the competition but the similarity ends there. Our custom Switches have heavier bars with larger surface for more amperage handling capacity and better heat dissipation.