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OEM style Club Car shift lever

EZ585E includes the late model T shift handle pictured above.

The original handle will no longer fit this unit.

Club Car Shift Lever

<< Old handle was this (left)

New handle arrives like this >>

EZ585L F&R 1987-94.5
EZ585E F&R 1976-86
EZ575 TXT 94.5 & UP
CC F&R 3ms
CC F&R 1ms

See alternative switching devices

See the Super Duty Reversing Contactor kit and more.

Click picture link below. 


All F&R include new micro switches. Ezgo Marathon switch does not include the OEM double stacked reverse switch used for reverse beeper & 1/2 speed reverse. If both reverse beeper and reduced speed is desired transfer OEM switch to the new HD F&R. Otherwise you can use one function or the other with the new switch provided.



NOT INCLUDED unless indicated

Our Ezgo F&R may look the same as the competition but the similarity ends there. Our custom Switches have heavier bars with larger surface for more amperage handling capacity and better heat dissipation. 

3.  EZ575  1994.5 & up Ezgo with floor mount bracket    $169

5.  EZ585L 1987-1994.5  Late Marathon with any handle 1 thru 3   $179

​Switch does not include handle but does fit any of the handles shown below

4.  EZ585E 1976 -1986  Early Marathon with rod & shift knob            $189

2.  CC92F  1993 & newer Club Car  with 3 micro switch     $159

1.  CC82F  1981 & newer Club Car  with single micro switch     $119

  Modified Switches for Ezgo & Club Car with up to 60% greater amperage handling

and cooling advantage.

Heavy Duty

Forward & Reverse

F&R Switches