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Replacement Brake Drum

For the hub kit above   $43 

​item 6.  Each set of disc brakes comes with brake pads.
These are disc brake replacement pads  

1 set does one cart with 2 wheels of brakes
1 set / 4 pads $67.75 USD
2 sets / 8 pads $130.50 USD

Replacement Disc Brake Pads

      for all Ausco Brake kits

Ausco Brake Drum
Ausco Brake Drum
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      Replacement Drum for all Ausco HD Ezgo hub kits.
This brake drum also fits Club Car 1981-present with standard brake system

2 drums per cart. 1 drum $43.  Or best price 2 drums for $78

Replace weak or stripped Ezgo hubs with

 Ausco Severe Duty Hub & Drum

Hundreds sold / Zero failures


Tech Tip = Ezgo Axle nuts torque 90-140 Ft. Pds. 

​Failure to properly torque axle nuts will result in hub and axle failure + damage.

Apply a light coat of anti-seize to the axle before installation. This compound will prevent a rust bond from forming and take up critical slop in the fitment & prevent unnecessary  wear.

item 10.  Cable Extensions

Ausco cable extensions (2) $19.95  

 Shipping is US mail limited to the continental US and Hawaii 

      PK2127 = 1 Ezgo Electric Hub & 1 Drum  assembly

Select 1 or 2 hubs in the drop down menu below. Do not change quantity in check out.

Increasing quantity will cause a shipping error resulting in a refund.

         Made in the USA

          American Company

 Severe Duty  Ausco  Hub and Drum

For all years Ezgo​ Electric with splined axle

Ausco PK2127

Heavy Duty Hubs

EZGO Electric only

Ausco Severe Duty Ezgo Elec. Hubs