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25 or 30 amp  voltage reducers provide safe reliable 12v power

Select a combo power reducer with 6 circuit lighted fuse panel

New LOWER pricing. Why pay more!?

Diagram for typical install with DC reducer & fuse panel kit

Wire size : 

12g wire to battery pack

14g to 16g to all 12v accessories

LED lighting may be smaller.

6 circuit covered fuse panel has LED alert which lights up the position of any fuse that is blown. So you can see if the fuse is bad without opening the cover.       How cool is that !?

Size  8 x 5 x 2  inch

In Stock

An industry best 30 amp switched 12v reducer

with fuses, ground buss bar connections, 6 fuses,

and a constant low voltage supply to power radio memory  

We have the reducer only.


~ Our BEST ~

30 amp reducer with a low voltage radio memory lead

Veego reducer options
12v fuse block/bus bar/& fuses