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Added Features
Color coded terminals
36-48 Volts
300 Amp rating
350 Peak Amps 
Standard connections
Flexible USB programming
Integrated heatsink mounts on any suitable surface
Solenoid Control for Main DC Control
Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation of MCOR or V-glide throttle

DC motor controller for series and permanent magnet motors
ABS + PC510 flame resistant thermal plastic enclosure
All copper heat sinks
Sealed epoxy UL-94-VO / 5VA flame rating (best in industry)
Adjustable undervoltage cutback 8-30 VDC
Adjustable overvoltage shutdown 30-60 VDC
Operating Frequency: 18k Hz
Voltage drop @ 100amps: <0.18V
Control voltage KSI keyswitch and reverse: 12-48V Nom, 60 VDC Max
Powered Up Standby Current <0.02A (20mA)
Relay solenoid drive output current: 5amp peak, 1.0A Continuous

Throttle Input Options
ITS (inductive, E-Z-GO)
0-1K Yamaha
Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%) 2-wire and 3-Wire
Resistive 5K-0 ohm (+/-10%) Club Car
6-10.5Volt (Taylor Dunn)
Cooling fan & encloser (increased performance)

FNK or FN2 

Personality switch option allows 2-3 different operation presets for varying conditions

Don't want to program? We do presets for you - program optional !

About Alltrax SR & XCT Controls

​10 reasons to own a new Alltrax

10 Things about Alltrax Controllers that make them the best choice for DIY or Professional :

1.  Alltrax is the only controller with reverse polarity protection on the input and the output. This is extremely beneficial to the DIYer who accidently mixes up the + and – , or for the mechanic who drops a wrench into the battery pack causing a short, or for the seldom but not unheard motors wires that rub bare and short out against the frame, or for the Motor than comes apart or melts down and creates a direct short… All of these situations can take a controller out costing $500 in unwanted damage but, not with the Alltrax. And that alone is worth the price of admission to the Alltrax club but, there are more advantages unique to Alltrax XCT and SR controls.  

2. Alltrax has higher peak and sustained outputs than any other make. Basically a 400 amp control allows 460 amps and a 500a control allows 570a which is more bang for your buck.

3. Alltrax has integrated thermal plastic heatsinks and a built-in cooling fan so it mounts and cools safely on any surface.

4. Alltrax is the only manufacture to offer a FREE simple program software. A simple usb connection powers up the control in or out of the cart for flexible programming.

5. Alltrax offers shift on the fly mode selection. You can buy a control module or use a simple switch to activate your programmed operation parameters.

 6. Alltrax has been developing Aftermarket Golf Cart Speed controllers for 20 yrs. They have more experience than any other manufacture in modified golf carts.

7. Alltrax XCT and SR controls are plug and play with most major brands of golf cart.   No more adapter harnesses needed.

8. Alltrax is the only manufacture to offer performance monitor file sharing. So if your having a problem you can record and share a performance file with your dealer or Alltrax for analysis.

9. Alltrax offers telephone tech support 5 days a week.

10. Alltrax is the only manufacture to offer a full 2 yr transferable replacement warranty.

You will find our Alltrax pricing is below what you would pay

for a similarly rated control from any other manufacture.