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Club Car Series

Ezgo Series

Ezgo Series

Yamaha G8-16

It just takes a minute to determine if your cart is a series or sepex drive.

Use the easy ID flow charts below to find out what you have. 

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Sepex Drive carts:

Club Car IQ yr 2000 - present

Club Car Excel and i2

Ezgo 1995 - present

Models DCS, PDS, TXT48

All carts with rocker switch F&R

and run / tow toggle switch

Club Car IQ

Ezgo PDS

Ezgo DCS

Yamaha G19-29

Qualified packages receive a free in-dash digital battery meter

Series Drive carts:

Club Car DS (not IQ) with F&R lever / not toggle

Ezgo 1990 - 2005 with F&R lever / not toggle 

Ezgo Models Marathon, Medalist, TXT

All carts with lever F&R except

Ezgo DCS and Club Car Regen II


See picture flow chart below

for easy ID or email for help. 

Speed controller upgrades can be performed by nearly everyone.

This is a level 2 upgrade

Forum Community Tech Support

Speed Controller packages

Controller packages include the controller, a matched solenoid,

and a resistor & diodes where needed

Generally speaking a 400 amp controller will handle most street & campground applications in both 36 volt carts and 48 volt conversions. However addition of rear seat and bigger tires  can create a need for the 500a control even with the stock motor. 

A 36v motor run on 48v produces a 25-33% increase in torque and speed.  On 48v the motor consumes less amperage and this reduces heat (a motors worst enemy)  and increases the run time.... this is a win win situation. If you have a 36v series cart that lacks power and speed 48v is the performance boost you are looking for. More info here 36 to 48v upgrade

Off Road enthusiasts, Hunting Buggies, & Carts used for hauling Farm & Ranch materials should use a 500 amp controller. As mentioned above carts with rear seat, big tires, and used off road or on hills need 500 amps
Anyone looking to upgrade their motor for more speed or torque should consider a 500 amp controller.

500 amps handles the biggest Sepex drive motors

 500 to 700 amp Controls handle the biggest series motors

Ezgo Sepexdrive carts include DCS, PDS, PDS2 & TXT48.

Club Car Sepex carts include Regen I and II, and IQ, & Excel

Yamaha Sepex drives include G19, G22, & G29 YDRE 

Everything else is simply Series drive. Series drive is used for the workhorse carts.

The Series drive carts are better suited for off road use, moving heavy loads, and slow going.  

Generally the Sepex drive carts produce more speed and less torque. They are the people movers. Sepex drive makes a great neighborhood cart and recent developments make them more able off road. More about the XCT controls later.

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Use these simple charts to determine if you need a series or sepex controller