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I hope this increased your understanding of what can be done to improve your cart. Contact us if you have additional questions.

42v DPI chargers are available with the plug to fit your cart.

Six 8v batteries make the best 48v pack. The 8v battery weighs less.

The decreased weight further enhances performance. 

48v DPI chargers are available with the plug to fit your cart.

The average series cart runs 12-14 mph on 36v.

Expect 4 -5 mph more top speed and an additional 33% increase in torque on 48v 

On average 18-20 mph.

Aftermarket motors have the ability to handle 48v 

​for both series and sepex drive systems. 

Sepex drive motors also respond well to a moderate increase in operating voltage.  Having tried both 48 and 42v on many motors over many years

I suggest an increase to 42v for the stock motor. 

Seven 6v batteries make 42v.

Ezgo PDS is the perfect 42v cart.

The 7th battery fits neatly under the drivers seat. 42v induces the motor to produce 17.5% more speed and torque.

Average PDS cart with Alltrax control and 4g cable set will reach 28 mph on stock tires with 42v.

Series wound 36 volt motors respond well to a reasonable increase in operating voltage. The increase in voltage causes the motor to

draw less amperage while producing  more torque and speed.

The result is more power and increased run time. 

If you have a 36v cart that is slow or struggling uphill a voltage increase

may be the performance boost you need for the stock motor.

​Motor operating voltage

is 36, 42, or 48v  

best for me?