​​​How to order & what to expect. 

Example C54 ( same  applies to all the C series kits C32 - C64 ) 

Click on the drop down menu in the yellow box with the C54 header.

There are 3 or 4 drop down menus in each yellow box. Each menu has a default option and additional options in the menu  like F&R switch and cable sets. Choose the default option or select any option from each menu. 

For more information on each optional component click on the green links in the example below.

The drop down menu lists all of the order component options. Additional drop down menus will ask tire and use and terrain questions. We use this information to build your kit and to better assist you if needed.

Here is what you will see in the drop down menu : 

Option #1 the Basic kit

The Basic kit comes with all the components, instructions, and diagrams needed to convert the cart to solid state. Included is the pedal assembly, the speed controller, the solenoid, and related hardware, diode, resistor, and mounting hardware. The comprehensive instructions are 10 clear pages with color pictures. The installer is required to read the instructions.

To install the basic kit the installer will remove the original electronics per the instructions. Mount the kit components and make 6 - 9 wire connections per the instructions. Installer will provide a 10 feet of 2 or 3 different colors of 16-18g primary automotive wire and a 3ft piece of 1.5" aluminum angle metal to mount the controller. Or purchase the controller mounting plate.

In order to keep the initial price as low as possible the basic kit does not include a HD F&R switch or new cable set. The installer will make a 2g cable set per the install diagram or purchase our numbered set. The stock F&R switch may be used assuming it is in good condition.

In the drop-down menu for each kit heavy duty F&R switch and complete cable set are available. There are options for reversing contactors and motors in some kits. Please make your selections carefully.

#2 The Basic kit plus a HD F&R switch. The HD F&R switch is a rotary switch model CC82F.  It is a simple and economical F&R solution that  re-uses the original switch lever. This switch has 1 micro switch and there is no reverse beeper option with this simple switch. If a reverse beeper is needed with a rotary F&R choose the 2 micro switch option in the drop down menu for the Addon F&R switch #1

If the F&R switch in the project cart  is 20 or 30 years old a new switch now may save a breakdown later.

Other F&R options include a rocker switch operated reversing contactor kit

​#3 The Basic kit plus the superduty SW202 reversing contactor kit. The SW202 reversing contactor kit has earned a reputation for being the heaviest duty direction selection tool available. The installation is slightly more complicated but the reward is push button heavy duty switching.

Select 36 or 48 volt operation in the voltage menu when ordering.

Go here to see and read more about this option >  Reversing Contactor Kits

#3b  The Basic Kit plus the SW202 kit in a new dual voltage model. Building a 36v cart with 48v future plans? Choose the 36/48 volt  SW202.

​#4  This is a complete 2g cable set option with the rotary HD F&R CC82F. You get the Basic kit, CC82F HD F&R, and a complete 13 piece numbered premium 2g cable set. All cable sets offered with the kits are complete.

Note you can buy this same cable set as an addon item #4 at the bottom of the conversion kit page. This is not the same as CC DS cable set. If you will run 8/6v batteries add two 36 inch battery cables to this set to reach the rear bagwell. Single battery cables in various lengths are at the bottom of the cable set page.

#5  The Basic kit plus the cable set option plus the SW202 kit in either 36 volt or 48 volts. If you are staying 36 volts or you are already at 48v choose this option. The 48v unit has the highest voltage coils we offer. These higher voltage coils are the best option for todays higher voltage Lithium batteries versus the 36/48v units.

#5b Same as #5 but with a dual voltage SW202 that will run on 36 volts now and 48 volts later. Perfect for the future upgrades. Move from 36 to 48v without replacing 36v specific components like controllers, solenoids, or contactors. This kit will run on 36v now and later change the batteries to 48v and go.

​#6 Add a motor. Again Same as #5 = The Basic kit, SW202 in 36 or 48 volts (either or not both voltages) A complete cable set plus an Admiral 10 hp A1 motor. This is a complete drive system. 

#6b Add a Motor. Same as 5b but with a dual voltage SW202, A complete 2g cable set, and the Basic kit, Plus the 10 hp Admiral A1 motor.

As with all options the installer provides a few control wires per the instructions.

The Voltage menu

​Click on the voltage menu and select 36 or 48 volts. If you are ordering dual voltage components select the voltage you be running upon installation

Tire size info

​Click on this menu and select the tires you will be running on the cart. Big tires increase the motor workload & reduce torque.  22 " tall is the max suggested size.

Please select tire size .

How to order and what to expect

from our popular C series kits for resistor coil

to solid state conversion. 

Additional options

​#1 Controller mount and splash plate. Simple bolt on controller mount. Use this thick aluminum fitted and pre-drilled plate instead of making your own. 

#2 FN1 from Alltrax a controller plug in that allows you to dial down the speed to a safe limit when needed. Now available in a dash mount model.

#3 Fan Kits from Alltrax. All 500 and 600 amp controllers include a fan kit. Add a fan kit to the 300 or 400 amp controller to extend the high ouput time by delaying a cooling off period of reduced amperage flow triggered by a build up of operating heat. 

If you have not already read why and how to convert the resistor coil cart to solid state do so before going any further here >See why and how


​The conversion to solid state alone does not increase speed and torque. With the pedal to the floor at wide open throttle the motor has the same 100% access to the battery pack as it does with the old coil system. The improvement is how the amperage gets delivered to the motor from 0-100% and in the possibilities this opens up like higher operating voltage and bigger stronger faster motors.

Once the cart is converted to solid state you can change to 48 volts. 48v produces more torque, more speed, more efficiently. The stock motor can run on 48v. It will produce 25-30% more power and speed on 48v depending upon its condition.  Stock motors can be sent to Plum Quick for rework which can increase torque or speed.

If you are considering a full upgrade with increased voltage and a new motor take a minute to look at the full blown IQ conversion with more power and speed than series builds. IQ Conversion here 

Notes:                    Aug 2023  A1 motor out of stock until Oct 1

Admiral motors for Club Car have a 10 spline coupler. This fits most 1986 and up carts. CC DS rear ends from 1982 to 2002 are interchangeable. Check your spline count before ordering a motor if the cart is 1988 or older. Motor return shipping and restocking is not cheap

Admiral motors for Ezgo are 19 spline. This spline should fit most 1998 and up year carts. If you cart is 1988 or older please check your spline count before ordering. 

In all cases you are 100% responsible to identify you cart and check the spline count before ordering. We will assume the information you provide is verified and correct. 

What year is the cart

​Click on this menu and select the year bracket that your cart fits into. This will help us see that the kit and or motor you ordered will fit your cart.

Important info > the first 2 digits in the CC serial number and the last 2 digits in the Ezgo Manufacture code are the year the cart was made. Double check it. Don't rely on the previous owner or the neighbor. Check it yourself. Returns are costly for both parties.

How to order & What to expect

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