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The cost of Golf Cart Batteries is continuing to rise due to the un-relenting global demand for raw materials such as lead, the principle material used in batteries. You may not have been satisfied with how strong your old batteries were, or how long they lasted you. How you use your batteries has everything to do with how well and for how long they perform.  Also read the how batteries work and charging tutorials to get the most use from your investment....
How you break in your new batteries will affect how strong they become and how long they last. Following proper break-in procedure can increase the strength and the useful life span of your new batteries.
New batteries are initially about 75% of their full strength. The following procedure will insure they reach their full potential. The 1st 10 to 20 complete charge/discharge cycles are critical to insure they reach 100%. New batteries should be charged before use and thereafter as follows:
Plug the charger in and leave it alone until the charger shuts off by itself. Then drive to discharge the batteries to 75% of battery pack capacity (see chart for voltage readings or use 9 holes of golf as a reference point) Plug the cart back in and repeat the charge cycle.......It is very important you let it charge until it is completely done. Repeat this for the first 10 - 20 the 12th cycle you will notice a difference in power, speed, and run-time.........I have never had a customer say they have not noticed the increase.
Most importantly, NEVER run the battery pack down below 50% of capacity throughout their entire life. Never leave the batteries in a state of discharge for extended periods of time. Recharge the pack every 2 weeks if the cart is sitting idle or in storage. And when in doubt, recharge it. A Battery SOC Meter can be installed in the Dash of your cart.
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During the break-in procedure, keep an eye on the water levels. It can take 12 hours or more for the 1st few Charging cycles. These extended charge cycles may evaporate some of the water. ( use distilled water only )
Fill to the bottom of the solid well. Overfilling is bad. As the batteries break in you will notice the charge time gets shorter. Eventually going from 12 hours to 5-6 hours per recharge.
ONCE A MONTH:  Routine maintenance is the 2nd most important thing to insure you get the most use out of your new battery pack. It is critical that you get into a routine of spending 10 - 15 minutes a month to keep the cable connections clean and check the water levels. Proper water level is critical. Inadequate water levels is a big killer of batteries. Fill to the bottom of the fill hole well, Do not fill to the top. Overfilled batteries spill over under charge and damage the frame. Keep the Distilled Water level below the bottom of the fill hole sleeve or a half inch above the lead plates. Use a hard nylon or wire brush to remove any visible corrosion. Carefully check that all of the cable connections are tight. Loose connections cause arching which will melt the soft lead terminals. Spray-on Battery Terminal Protector greatly reduces corrosive build up. Always Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. I hope this helps you get the most use possible out of your battery investment. Remember;
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Battery break-in


There are no battery magic tricks or solutions that work.

Wet cell battery technology is 100 years old.

Below are the working facts. 

25% depleted means 25% has been removed from  the full charge