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Pre-Charge Resistor with ring terminals
SW180 voltage & options

Photo reflects actual size

6 amp REGEN diode

 4.   SW200

Our Biggest super-duty 400/1000 amp solenoid

with magnetic breakouts for longer service

Available in either 36 or 48 volts

Tools needed for assembly

Use this button to select   1 resistor and 1 diode  

 Select voltage and terminal size when ordering

Note single diode purchase option in drop down menu.

SW180 solenoid uses 5/16 ring terminals

MZJ400 solenoid requires 3/8 ring terminals

Tools needed for assembly

Resistor & Diode Tutorial
SW200 36/48v options

Size is approx 3x6x3    3/8ths lugs required 

 Tech Tip

What is magnetic breakout  & why do I need it ? 

SW200 voltage & options

2.       SW180

Heavy-duty 200a solenoid with magnetic breakouts

fits all ​standard 5/16 terminals. BEST choice for 300-400 amp controllers.

SW180 voltage & options

 5.   SW200 dual voltage

Same super-duty 400/1000 amp solenoid

with magnetic breakouts for longer service

 good for 36 and 48 volt use.

Not for use with Lithium batteries that exceed 56 volts 

                      Carts Unlimited Tech Tips                                                    

Solenoid not working

How to verify the solenoid is actually working using a voltmeter 

Remove the pre-charge resistor from the big terminals. 

Put the voltmeter black (common) on battery main (-) and the red lead on the solenoid big terminal with the battery Main (+) cable on it

The voltmeter should read the same as the battery pack here.

Now press the pedal so the solenoid clicks and move the red lead to the other big solenoid post = this should also now read the same as the battery pack.

Now release the pedal and the power should disappear from the second big post.

Repeat the test several times to see that the solenoid is consistently closing (power at both big terminals) when it clicks and opening (power at one big terminal) when the pedal is lifted. 

Solenoid not clicking

The solenoid makes a click sound when it activates or closes and another click when it opens. Power flows between the large posts when the solenoid is closed.

Solenoid activation requires battery pack voltage is present and readable with a voltmeter between the 2 small terminals. It takes + on one small terminal and – on one small terminal to activate the solenoid.

The solenoid should only be closed when the cart is running. Never leave the solenoid closed (activated) when the cart is not in use.

# 5

Resistor & Diode Tutorial

Magnetic breakouts reduce arc damage which is caused by making and breaking the contactor connection.  The arc that is caused each time you press or release the gas pedal carries particles of materials with it. Over time these particles are transferred from one contact surface to the other creating pits and buildups which ultimately prevent good contact between the surfaces and reduce contact integrity.

The magnetic breakout creates a magnetic field which draws these particles away from the contacts and prevents their adhesion. The result is that the contacts retain their integrity longer.

These solenoids do have a directional mandate which is clearly marked on the top of the solenoid. The large battery + cable must connect to the terminal marked with the + signs. Note the small terminals are also marked + and -.

Please use link at bottom of the page  for install info.

 Temporarily out of stock 

Use with 500 amps and bigger controllers

1/4 spade small wire connections and 3/8ths cable end connections

Tools needed for assembly

Use this button to purchase just a diode for your solenoid.

This item is available in one size for all solenoids and all voltages. 

This is a replacement diode for solenoid or reversing contactors.

Be certain you are selecting the correct terminal ends.

Ring terminals and spade terminals are the menu options

Above the MZJ 400 solenoid has ring terminals.

The SW 180 solenoid uses spade terminals.

All reversing contactors use 2 diodes with spade terminals. 

All diodes are polarity sensitive. This polarity is identified by the red connector on the + side. Polarity must be observed as they are installed between a + and - terminal

Use this button to purchase just a resistor for your solenoid.

This item needed to protect the controller and must be upgraded when going from 36 to 48v operation.  Use with SR controllers. Do not use with XCT controllers.

​SW180 and MZJ200 solenoids use 5/16 ring terminals
MZJ400 solenoid requires 3/8 ring terminals

#9    Use the button below to purchase a Solenoid Bracket 

This item is available in one size for all solenoids and all voltages. 


This is a replacement bracket for EZGO when installing an Alltrax controller 

​for 1994.5 to present 

#8     Use this button to purchaseAlltrax REGEN diode for your solenoid.

This item is available in one size for all solenoids and all voltages. 


This is a replacement  REGEN diode for EZGO & Club Car with XCT controller

Polarity must be observed per the  install instructions

Copper 3/8ths cable lugs
Copper 3/8ths cable lugs


Select voltage / terminal size

200 amp continuous 800 amp peak rating​ with magnetic break out

Use with 300 & 400 amp controllers

1/4 spade and 5/16ths connections

​Select 36vor 48v unit in the drop down menu or see 36/48v unit listed below

Select 1 option

3.  SW180 dual voltage 36v & 48v

Our BEST heavy-duty 200a solenoid

with magnetic breakouts

fits ​standard 5/16 terminals. Perfect for projects that will grow from 36 to 48 over time.

Perfect for 42v applications too.

Same size and appearance as sw180 above.  


The MZJ400A 36/48 volt solenoid requires 3/8ths cable lugs

and has a slightly wider mount pattern 

MZJ400A  Super-duty

Wider mount hole pattern

and bigger terminal studs

3 amp diode

Size is approx 3x6x3 inch - 

3/8ths cable lugs required 

400MZJ options

# 1.  400/1000 amp Super Duty dual voltage  - Our most popular solenoid !

400a required with 500a controllers

 Good with all 400 amp & up controllers.  

Silver oxide weld resistant contacts provide superior durability.

Requires 3/8th cable lugs  on the big terminals.  

Dual Stage 400 Super solenoid can run on 36 volts or 48 volts. 

  Add resistors and diodes if needed in the drop down menu below...

Here are the heavy duty and super duty solenoids you need to

get you out there and bring you back.  

These solenoids are also called contactors & main contactors in the cart diagrams.
Here are a few things you should know when choosing a solenoid. 
All the amperage that goes to the motor goes through the solenoid. 
The solenoid is the high amperage cut off (safety) switch in the cart.
When upgrading the controller the solenoid must be upgraded

to handle the increased flow.
Heavy duty contactors have high quality copper contacts.
Super duty contactors have larger better quality silver oxide contacts. 
Unlike automotive solenoids, these solenoids are built for continuous duty.
Each solenoid has a continuous and a peak rating of 200a/800a or 400a/1000a 

Is my original solenoid good enough?
Your golf cart is originally fitted with a 50 -80 amp solenoid.
This was fine for the game of golf.
Off the course use with added seating, bigger tires, and off road activities

increase the motor work loads. 
This demand for more power equals a demand for more amperage.  
Higher amperage flow requires bigger controller, cables, and Solenoid.

Properly sized solenoids are a MUST.

Heavy Duty 200a and Super Duty 400a

Main Contactors &  Solenoids

 Solenoids &         Contactors