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 We will do what we can reasonably do to insure your success. 
We fully support DIY upgrades. We will provide the manufacture's instruction and our additional instruction for your success. But, it is the buyers responsibility to match his or her skills and ability with the upgrade or project chosen.  We have developed this 1 - 4 rating system for your benefit.

Can I do this ? This is a good question to answer before you commit to a project.

We have implemented this 1 - 4 rating to help in your decision.

It is the buyers responsibility to insure that he or she has the skills to complete the install of the components purchased.

 We will do what we can to insure your success.

It is the buyers responsibility to match his or her skills

with the upgrade purchased.

Each upgrade is rated. We will provide needed instruction on the web and in most cases send printed instruction with the product .  

It is assumed that if you buy a level 3 kit you can read level 3 instruction. We offer email tech support.  We do not commit to make you a golf cart mechanic. We will do our best to help troubleshoot the items we sell, we do not commit to fix the the cart our product is installed in.

For general golf cart repair and forum troubleshooting help go to 

Most of our clients have not upgraded golf carts before but they do have some mechanical experience and are able to follow instructions. This is the description for Level 2 upgrades.

Level 3 requires some experience with a wire diagram. All the information you need for success is included in the instruction. I am happy to clarify any question you may have.

Please read the instructions more than once before asking questions.

Most questions have been asked many times & are addressed in the instruction sent with the component. 

​Thank you 


Level 1 Can be attempted by anyone who can turned a wrench or changed a tire.  Some skills and tools required. This is where you start familiarizing yourself with the cart, acquire and learn to use a multi-meter. (a must have item)

Level 2 These projects require a few level 1 projects under your belt.

Aside from wrench  & screwdriver sets you must own and be able to use the following equipment:

A multi meter  and an understanding of it's use (see the troubleshooting video)  

wire strippers, Electrical crimpers required and a selection of crimp connectors & some  power tools may be required.  

Installer has the ability to read and follow instruction. Can understand a simple electrical diagram. Installer will read and follow instruction.

Some components of these projects may not be plug n play. You may have to change electrical connectors or install additional wires. You may have to drill new mounting holes when up sizing some components.  Most of the installs from this website are Level 2.  

Level 3  Everything from level 2 plus some practical experience in mechanics and soldering electrical connections may be required. If you are purchasing level 3 projects we will assume you have enough DC experience to know every circuit has a + and  - and you will be able to use your meter to tell which wire has power when asked. 

Level 4  is for those who are veteran tradesmen who feel the need to modify everything they own. We are happy to help these enthusiasts where we can.

Golf Cart modification has become increasingly popular for a wide range of reasons. Carts are modified for work and play. Whatever your motivation nobody wants an upgrade that is too difficult to install. 

I will rate all the products on this site by their level of install difficulty.

If unsure email for the install rating of the product you are interested in.

The install rating system is intended to give you the chance to 

match and build your skills and tools 

A 1 - 4 rating system to help you avoid a nightmare project.


   SYSTEM 1 - 4