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Ezgo Key switch plates for SERIES, DCS, PDS , & TXT48   ..... 1994 to present

General use meter trim piece. 

These 20g stainless steel panels offer all weather service

or they can be painted

to match or contrast any dash.

Available in Red Only

Select 2 hole or 3 hole trim only

Carts Unlimited meter trim plates are back ! After months of redesign and production challenges,  the meter trim plates are back. Samples have been fitted and revised 
                                             3 plates available at this time.
1. New 3 hole key switch plate for the Exgo PDS carts
2. New 2 hole key switch plate for the Series & DCS carts
3. UNiversal rounded square trim plate for use with any cart. Popular with Club Car & others.

All plates are brushed aluminum to resist the weather. They can easily be painted to match

or contrast any dash. The Ezgo style push rivets needed for installation will be supplied.

New lower pricing should put this on everyone's to do list. Now just $44.95 meter & trim

Each Ezgo TXT trim includes 2 OEM type push rivets for clean and easy install.

Available in RED only

Every cart should have a meter to get the most out your battery pack. 

Meter trims

$14.49  LED  METER 

Available in Red Only

Each switch plate includes 4 push rivets. 2 needed to install and 2 spares

Meter available in RED only

PDS/TXT switch mod & battery meter

item  # 5

Meter - LED color

Make your selection in the drop down menu below

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scottyb's switch plate conversion thread 

See the step by instructions with pictures 

Waterproof, shockproof, reverse polarity protected, and accurate to within a 10th of a volt.

​Our test meter has been on and left outside for two years. Available in red or blue or green  $14.50

Digital battery meter and universal trim piece shown above.

Trace the trim piece cut  out on the dashboard to make the meter cut out. 

The brushed Aluminum trim can be installed under the meter to dress it up or it can be installed behind the dash panel to add strength & thickness to the dash panel

for a more secure fit.

Digital Battery Meters

you can depend on

Instant & Accurate 


Select the meter color &

choose a 3, 2, or 1 hole trim piece shown and meter color red or blue

LED Meter and Custom Trim

  Brushed aluminum trim & meter

 combo starting at $28.75

Key switch & F&R not included

Currently we have two digital LED battery meters to offer. Both meters handle the full range of any golf cart batteries for 36 or 48v systems. Both meters give accurate state of charge readings so that you can know when it's time to recharge. Recharging at the proper time can greatly extend the useful life of your battery pack. Every golf cart should have a digital battery meter installed.


Specifications:       LED digits 3/8 inch tall

​Face plate overall 1.5 inch wide by 1 inch tall

Waterproof - Shockproof - Reverse Polarity Protected

Accurate for 36 or 48v volt systems

LED meter trim selection
Meter LED color

Change the in dash F&R to a digital LED battery read out and

install a new F&R rocker switch and housing just center and below the seat cushion. 

Hardware included.

​See complete install tutorial & pics here on 

Available in RED only

Trim plates fit our LED battery meter.

The single hole trim is 1/4 - 3/8 bigger than the meter.

The center hole can be traced onto the mounting surface 

for a perfect cut out.  And it covers any errors too.

Use this trim to mount the meter anywhere in any cart.

Brushed aluminum trim / can be painted to match your cart

Available in Red Only

Ezgo Key switch plates with meters available 

item    #4      Meter and Trim             

The digital battery meter provides accurate readings to the 10th of a volt. You will know at a glance how soon you need to be back at the charger. And you'll see accurate load test results by simply accelerating hard up a steep hill from a stop.  Avoid being stranded or shortening your battery pack a life by excessive discharging. 

Switch plate fits Ezgo TXT body style with any drive system

Two and 3 hole trim plates fit the Ezgo TXT carts specifically.

The two hole trim is used in the series & early TXT 48 carts 

The three hole trim is used in the PDS carts with the F&R rocker next to the key switch. 

2 push rivet required - 4 new push rivets included.

Brushed aluminum trim / can be painted to match your cart.

PDS F&R switch mod kit

& digital battery meter &

aluminum switch plate $80

Need help? 


Ezgo TXT Series, PDS, & DCS battery meter and trim plates

now available in 20g stainless with a brushed finish

Meter Trim Selections

General Golf Cart Application