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Scotty, the alltrax is awesome. (Ezgo PDS)
I finally took the cart to the hilly neighborhood at the lake (ever since the rebuild we’ve been running it around on flat ground at home)  The ranger batteries and the 48v alltrax system & Admiral B2 motor are proving to be a great solution for us to run the lifted 4 person cart for long periods in our hilly neighborhood.  This thing pulls hills now with ease and settled down to just over 50v after approximately an hour of solid runtime on the hills.   R. 0. in Deer Park TX

I would recommend working with Scotty at Carts Unlimited for this type of conversion.  I have cc’d him on this email so that you will have his email address.  He is the industry expert when it comes to these conversions!

Thank you for your inquiry,
Jason’s Golf Carts

Thank you so much Scotty. You and Alltrax have went above and beyond.  It is not every day that I deal with people that have such a high standard for customer satisfaction.  I could not ask for more from a business.  Also I have ordered your cables.  


Mike S


So I was finally able to take all the info you provided and combine that with the time needed to complete the install of the SR400/200 combo and the SW182 reversing contactor.  Thanks to your help, the install went well 

James J

The C54 kit with 2 gauge wire gave me the torque I needed to be confident with weight load and mild hilly terrain.  It works great Thanks.

Ed Stofferahn

Thank you for all your help!  We appreciated the very quick shipping and advice on ordering and installing.   Our 2012 EzGo TXT 48V is now a true Hunting Buggy with the Alltrax Controller, Solenoid, wires and cooling fan etc.  After  lifting the cart 5 inches and  adding 23 inch tires we lost most all torque and were quite depressed.  You were right, the power difference is amazing even with the stock motor.  Perhaps in future we will upgrade to larger motor.  For now it is great, a night and day difference.  We like the FN2 controller since we can use the regenerative braking on street and  ranch hills instead of brakes!  It is nice to be able to turn up the speed when in neighborhood and turn it down for the kids to drive.  John Unflat DVM in Austin TX.

Thanks a ton for your email help.

I find it extremely easy to deal with Carts Unlimited. 

Many thanks for the great conversion kit. Schematics were simple and easy to follow.  Cart is up and running with no problems whatsoever.

Mark Tracy

Hey Scotty, just wanted to let you know that I installed the new controller last night. The schematics from Alltrax and your instructions made for an easy install. The cart seems to have responded well to the upgrades. Gonna start working towards the 42 volt upgrade now. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your company.  Shipping was super-fast and your recommendations were spot on. Nice to do business with a company that is knowledgeable and values its customers. Thanks again for all of your help. 

L. Abbott  02/05/2017


​Thank you so much.
This whole experience has been great.  I've heard your name many times and what a pro and great guy you are.  They were right.  I'll certainly be passing the word as much as I can!!
Much thanks!!


V2 Conversion kit reviews  

    V2 kits were released in mid- May 2017

This is a fly by wire speed control system featuring the new Alltrax SR cotnrol 

Admiral     Motor     A1

There is so much torque with this combo...even during motor break in I'm climbing hills at 19 mph that I was climbing at 12 or 13 before.

Club Car 48v cart.  On the stock 275amp controller and 3.75hp motor it would top out around 15-16 mph on true flats - now it gets to around 21-22.  top speed on downhill before was 22.5, today 27.5 almost 28.  no less than 18mph going up hills today - before it would be 12.  I really don't want to lose uphill speed but 25mph would be nice, to help keep up with traffic - this is my "daily driver"!

Hey Scotty, just wanted to give you some positive feedback after all your help. I finally was able to get the motor from you to go with the 500 amp controller and other upgraded parts. The cart runs 32-33 mph which is awesome!

Stephen K

2014 Precedent

XCT500/FSIP Speed motor

​Tall tires

 Conversion kit reviews :

​2017 V2 kit reviews below

re Club Car Conversion kit C54

Good evening! I received everything today. All I have to say is WOW!

Thank you for such a rapid delivery and response to emails and all the questions. The kit appears to be of the best quality component around.

I glanced over the instructions briefly and it appears pretty easy and straight forward.

I'll be purchasing an extreme modification kit for my father in law in the near future.      Brett D   8/25/17

03-2017 CC Conversion

I work at a shop that specializes in customizing golf carts. We build tons of custom carts and we are THE PLACE in town to bring your cart. A customer brings me a custom Rolls Royce cart (royal ride) and they wanted to upgrade from the old 5 solenoid and resistor coil speed setup to solid state and he wanted to convert to 48 volts at the same time. I knew I wanted something proven I knew would work. I emailed Scotty & I received a recommendation. The kit arrived very quickly and I was amazed at how easy the install was with Scotty’s instruction and illustrations

I had stripped all the old batteries, old battery cables, old hardware, and the old original wiring out of the cart. Then I power washed the frame , repainted it and installed the new conversion kit and all new battery and battery cables all in under 4 hours. This kit looks great and works even better then i could of imagined.

Now my customer is extremely happy that his cart is running better than ever and I’m sure it will for years to come.

Thank you , Casey

XCT INSTALL review 2017

Hey Scotty, just wanted to let you know that I installed the new controller last night. The schematics from Alltrax and your instructions made for an easy install. The cart seems to have responded well to the upgrades. Gonna start working towards the 42 volt upgrade now. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your company.  Shipping was super-fast and your recommendations were spot on. Nice to do business with a company that is knowledgeable and values its customers. Thanks again for all of your help.  L. Abbott


​Just recently purchased a SR48400 controller,HD solenoid,HD fnr switch with a HIGH SPEED motor and it is a BIG difference i love the setup more than perfect and very good customer service,fast shipping and highly recommended and I forgot to tell you I live on honolulu,Hawaii and shipping ain't no arm and a leg like others charge and thank you Scotty for all your help and expertise on helping me with all my questions..... ALOHA.....Alan Abarca 


I just wanted to say Thank you for your help. I got the 99 club car ds all converted over (to solid state) with new motor and conversion kit. All works great. Just took my time and followed the wiring diagram one wire at a time and all went smoothly. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Nick

Good afternoon Scotty I just wanted to give you a quick update on the controller we bought from you, very very nice sir I appreciate all your help I am very pleased with it I finally got my cart going after sitting for a year it took us about 2 hours to get everything connected since we took our time and made sure it was right! Thank you again I appreciate it!!! 

Roger S. 

​2001 PDS Ezgo

Ok so... everything came in yesterday evening.  I hooked it all up and all I can say is WOW!! This thing is an absolute beast. I didn't know a cart could do this. I appreciate your help throughout this build. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  B.Martin

Got everything wired, double checked and tested last night. Very smooth operation and a step up in pep from the 36v pack (cruising at 20mph, up from 16mph). Just wanted to thank you again for your help here and on BGW. 

D.Pennywell   V2 conversion kit

Ausco hub review 7/17

I thought I'd take the time to commend you for your prompt attention to my recent order.  My EZGO cart stripped a brake hub out over the holiday and I foolishly ordered a replacement from Amazon, and waited three days for it to arrive, only to discover that the seller who fulfilled my order was shipping cheap Chinese knock offs instead of the OEM hubs they showed in the listing.  So, after requesting a return from Amazon and chastising them for allowing their sellers to ship junk in place of OEM parts, I went out on the web looking for a true OEM replacement. 

I saw a post on a message board about the improved hubs and did a search to see where I could get them, and that's when I discovered your web site.  Never having done business with you before and having had plenty of bad experience with other internet-based sales companies, I wasn't expecting real prompt service, but I figured the better hubs were worth the wait and went ahead and placed the order last Friday.  I put the cheap hub that Amazon sent me on the cart so I could use it, figuring it would be at least a week before your shipment arrived.  Imagine my surprise when my package arrived TODAY!!

Two business days from California? That's fast, and I was VERY impressed with the quality of the hubs and drums.  I have little doubt that they will outlast the cart, even if I do the upgrade that I've been kicking around.  I also see that you have everything I could ever need in the way of upgrades and some nice chargers too, so I'm sure this won't be the last time we do business. 

 Reading comments and reviews from other customers has become a big part of internet shopping. Rest assured I'll be putting a good word in for you if anyone asks me where to get good cart parts quickly. 

Anyway, thanks again for the prompt service 

Guy Mouras

Hi Scotty,
Just wanted to let you know the conversion went fine. Instructions were clear and I didn’t run into any problems. It performs like a new cart. The toggle selected half speed works great for towing airplanes. All in all, a great kit and well worth the effort to make the conversion.

Thanks for your support,

Bill Carpenter / Taylor Dunn Universal conversion kit CC54U

I just did the same thing (installed a carts unlimited solid state conversion kit) with my 1993 Club Car. Although, my batteries were new and I just added 2 more 6 volts for a total of 48 volts. I added an alltrax 48500 controller kit from Scottyb. The kit came with everything I needed and the instructions were very easy to follow. I had it all in and running in 3 hours. I made my own 2 gauge cables as well. My speed went from 11 or 12mph to 18 with tons of torque with the stock motor. LOVE IT. New charger and fn1 switch for the controller are on their way...again...from Scottyb.

Noodlenugs, BGW Forum

Just saying thanks !
Install went smooth, no issues and great documentation. 
I am very impressed with the performance of the cart now, It will now accelerate up hills that it struggled to climb before ! Not had any issues of overheating or bogging that I had before and have already used it to haul game out of the woods with power to spare.
Thanks again for the recommendations and the help.

​B.Lance   2005 Precedent

Good morning, this is Anthony M . After reading through the printed materials, I figured it out. Lol. And you even said in the materials , to read through everything at least a couple of times. Ha ha. I know you must get a thousand emails just like mine. Thank you for being patient and giving so much information as possible. In this day and age others will not give any free advise. Thank you again for all of your time and help. Sincerely, Anthony M. 
P.S. you have made a repeat customer out of me. I know I will return,to your company

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the C42 conversion for my Club Car.  The installation took about 5 hours including a trip to the store for the metal support.  In the three weeks since the install the cart now runs over a week on a charge compared to two to three days with the resistor coils.  Operation is very smooth and I also installed the new reverse switch to use the half speed reverse and buzzer.  An additional unmentioned benefit is that the conversion makes the ignition switch a true 36 volt switch which I used to power a 36 volt relay to control power to the 12v lights with the key.  Thank you for a great product. J Williams

Scotty, got the new cables and finished my XCT400 install. Very nice upgrade. So I just went ahead and bought the A4 motor you recommended. Send me the new map and instructions for it when you ship it. Thanks. You are running a great business here because you stay involved. Rich

I am interested in a 36v to 48v conversion kit...I have a 1984 club car ...

Thank you for your tech help...much appreciated! It's a night and day difference compared to the mess I had before. It runs nice and smooth now...just like a new one!

​Paul H

​​I have a '85 resistor cart, or used to have I should say. Just finished installing the conversion kit offered by ScottyB. 
I am new to tinkering with carts but that was an easy conversion. Great set of directions and wiring schematics. 
If you are considering doing this to your cart I would say go for it. Happy customer here, THANKS Scottyb. 03/25/12

The conversion is done everything is working excellent. It was an easy install with your help, the instruction and diagrams were perfect. Thank you for taking the time to compile complete instruction, diagrams, and taking the time on the phone to get me  the kit that would best fit my needs. I Charged the batteries last night (38.3 Volt this morning) went for a little run this morning 19 MPH. I will tell everyone you are the go to guy. Thank You for your help. 

Everett W.
Anderson, Indiana

THANK YOU , HEATH P.​  6/01/15




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