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8 step install - You can do this!

​The short version = V2


All the information you need is in the easy to read instructions.   

As the instruction says - 
take all the original wires out of the cart.

And then ...

1. Run a new (+) wire from battery pack main to the keyswitch

2. run a new wire from keyswitch to the pedal red/yellow

The ignition is complete.

3. Plug blue wire into F&R micro switch (ms1) on F&R applications

4. Run a wire from ms1 to the small (+) terminal of the solenoid. If the small terminals are not marked + or -, choose one and mark it +.

The F&R wiring is complete.

5. Plug the pedal green wire into controller J5

6. attach the pedal black wire to the battery pack main -

The pedal wiring is complete

7. Run a new small (black) wire from controller J1 black to the other small solenoid terminal. If this terminal is not factory marked - mark this terminal - and connect the wire. 

8. Run a new red wire from the small (+) solenoid terminal to the controller J1

The controller wiring is complete. (3 wires needed only)

Install the high amperage cables as numbered according to the diagram.

Install the pre-charge resistor and prepare to test.

Installing a V2 

 conversion kit.

For this tutorial we are going to assume you are converting a running cart & the motor is

known good or better yet


 Install the high amperage cables. If you bought the custom cable set with the kit this is a simple as following the install diagram and placing the 8 numbered cables  as shown on the install diagram.  

8.1 If you are making your own cables simply follow the install diagram for proper route and location. Double check your install.

8.2 Install the batteries per diagram. Place the battery to battery cables between all batteries from (+) to (-) as shown on the diagram. Use your meter to verify that you have the correct sum total voltage reading from battery #1 (+) to battery #7 (-). The reading should be above 36 or 48 volts depending upon your operating system.

Finally connect system main cables #1 and #7. 

Troubleshooting tips :

T1. Solenoid does not click.

The solenoid activation circuit is pretty simple. The solenoid will click (close)  when (+) and (-) are present at the 2 small terminals. This is true in all electric carts. The solenoid will open when the presence of either (+) or (-) is removed.

Hence the simple on & off operation. 

Use the meter to determine which side (+) or (-) is missing when the gas is pressed. 

Then use the meter to back track the supply for the missing side and see where it stops. Remember the (-) is constant. and the (+) side comes from the pot ms, which is supplied by the F&R ms, which is supplied by the key-switch, which is fed from the main (+)

​Close inspection and testing should locate the problem. The solenoid must click closed for the cart to run.