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When should I recharge? 
Recharge the pack anytime the state of charge (SOC) is between 90% - 50% capacity or whenever the cart has sat unused for 30 days

How do I know what the battery pack state of charge (SOC) is? 
Use a handheld digital meter or install a handy in dash meter found on this website. Compare your readings to the chart provided here  BATTERY METER CHART

How long do batteries last ?
Generally speaking a battery pack will last five years. Trojan batteries have a single digit stamped into the negative battery post which indicates the year  of manufacture. Other makers will put stickers on the batteries indicating the year they were produced. 

Will old batteries effect performance? 
Batteries lose their capacity as they age. Old batteries will adversely affect the cart performance as both their capacity and delivery functions diminish​

Can I revive dead batteries?
Batteries that have been left in a low state of charge for any period of time will suffer irreversible damage resulting in reduced capacity and delivery. Depending upon the amount of damage done the battery may take a charge but, the damage done is not reversible.

What is Amp Hour capacity & how does it effect performance? 
The amp-hour is a unit of battery energy capacity, equal to the amount of continuous current multiplied by the discharge time, that a battery can supply before exhausting its internal store of chemical energy. 
Batteries with the lower amp hour capacity have a lower cost of manufacture.

While these lower-cost batteries may have an initial appeal they may fall short when it comes to sustaining the amperage delivery needed for the performance desired. It is best to pay a little more and get the larger capacity battery.

How often should I add water?

To be safe check the water levels every 30 days until you can establish a pattern of water usage. Remember that hot weather and frequent recharging can increase water usage.

What is the correct water level?

The correct water level is 1/4 inch above the lead plates which are visible in the water fill hole. Excessively high water levels will cause acidic water to appear on the tops of the batteries potentially running down the sides to damage the battery trays.

Why are my batteries boiling?

The batteries are not boiling. The sound you hear is the release of hydrogen gas bubbles during the bulk recharge phase. The release of hydrogen gas bubbles stirs up the sediment in the bottom of the batteries and helps to maintain a healthy environment.

How do I test my batteries?

There are several ways to test the batteries.  A handheld voltmeter will give a general idea of the batteries health in terms of a voltage charge.  Testing for specific gravity will give a good indication of the batteries health or condition. A proper load test will give the best indication of a batteries ability to perform.

How do I interpret voltmeter readings?

See voltmeter readings chart on the battery meter page.

What is specific gravity testing?

The state-of-charge and reliability of a lead acid battery can best be determined by the specific gravity of the electrolyte measured directly with a common bulb-type hydrometer with a glass float. I do not recommend the ball float type hydrometer. Specific gravity is a unit of measurement for determining the sulfuric acid content of the electrolyte. The recommended fully charged specific gravity of marine batteries is 1.255 to 1.265 taken at 80°F. More than .025 spread in readings between fully charged cells indicates that the battery may need an equalization charge. If this condition persists, the cell is failing and the battery should be replaced. See SOC readings chart on the battery meter page.

How do I load test my batteries?

​Use the golf cart to load test the batteries. The golf cart can draw as much as 300 A from the battery pack on a hard start. Do this on an incline to maximize test results. Attach a digital voltage meter to the battery pack and lay it on the seat for observation or simply install one of our inexpensive digital battery meters for real-time battery information. You will notice the pack voltage dropping under hard acceleration. 

Generally, I like to see the maximum drop in voltage stay within one battery of the full charge. For example: a 36v battery pack will read 38.2v fully charged. Maximum drop under load should not be more than 6v below 38.2v equal to 32 volts or less.



How high can you go charging a 6 volt battery?

Lead acid wet batteries max cell voltage under charge is 2.583 volts per cell (vpc) x 3 cell per 6v battery = 7.75v per battery or 46.5v per 36v pack. Most charger auto cutoff is between 45.5 and 46.5v

Golf Cart Batteries 

General info:

Golf Carts (GC) have wet cell lead acid batteries. 

GCs have 36 volt or 48v systems.

36v systems have six 6v batteries.

Each 6v battery has 3 cells. Each cell has a water & vent hole.

48v systems have six 8v or four 12v batteries (but they can have eight 6v batteries)

42v systems have seven 6v batteries. 42v battery chargers are available