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Electrical input 110-120 AC cord included with each unit.

Plug in DC cord set  for the following make & model carts are available.

​One Dc cord set needed for each charger. DC cord not included in charger price.

Club Car 36v/48v 2 blade crowfoot (CF) 105"  (8.75 feet)   $27.50

Club Car 48v 3 pin round 105" (8.75 feet) $46.25

Ezgo TXT D plug (aka powerwise) 104" (8.7 feet)  $52.50

Ezgo TXT48 & RXV 3 pin tri-angle plug 102" $35.30

​SB50 Universal 104" cord set $25.25

Universal SB50 connection. Used with early Ezgo and fit all of our Yewy adapters.

So one charger can fit many carts...especially with the 36/48 volt ability of the Summit charger

SB50 adapters cost $16 each and are available with the following plug ends.

CC crowfoot (36/48v)

CC 3 pin round (48v)   OUT OF STOCK

Ezgo D plug (36/48v)    OUT OF STOCK

Ezgo TXT48 & RXV (48v)

Yamaha 2 pin Nabson

SB50 adapters

Lester Summit II

36/48 volt


High Efficiency

Step 3.  Add SB50 adapters to use with the SB50 universal cord set for multi cart use

​like Ezgo , Yamaha, and Club Car.

Adapters are $16 each

Note there are 2 ways to purchase the DC cord set below. 

Use the ADD TO CART button

when adding a cord to a charger purchase. 

Add on On Board cord

Individual cord sets for all common makes of golf carts are available. Including a 105 inch SB50 which utilizes all of our $16 adapters so one charger can do many carts even if the voltage is different.

Please use the ADD TO CART button for charger orders above.

Use  BUY NOW button to purchased adapters without a charger below.

Same Cordsets

Purchase without a charger 

SB50 adapters

physical dimensions:

​11.3 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches

L   x   W   x  H

Lester Summit II 36-48v 

650w      or     1050w  

Use the  BUY NOW button when buying a DC cord set alone.

DC cord set installation videos. Choose your cord set install by make here >

 Lester Summit II 36-48v 1050w above for batteries 200 amp hours and more​​

Electrical input 110-120 AC

Output 650 watts 

Output at 36v 18 amps maximum

Output at 48v 13.5 amps maximum

Battery types = Wet Cell, AGM, Gel (no Lithium)

Battery size = under 200 amps capacity (AH) Typically all 12v, 8v batteries.

​Ideal for 48v carts or conversions using 6/8v

Protection = Current limit, short circuit, reverse polarity, under voltage, over voltage, wrong battery

Lester 560w for all 8v and 12v batteries. And 6v batteries  under 200 amp hour capacity.

This industrial duty charger can detect and charge 24- 48 volt battery packs.

Electrical input 110-240 AC

Output 1050 watts max

Output at 36v 25 amps maximum

Output at 48v 22 amps maximum

Battery types = Wet Cell, AGM, Gel , some lithium

Protection = Current limit, short circuit, reverse polarity, under voltage, over voltage, wrong battery

Buy a cordset
Lester Summit II 1050w Charger

The newest line of chargers from American manufacture Lester Electrical includes the most comprehensive feature set and best performance in their 50 year history

Lester Summit II 650w 36/48v $379

Featuring Bluetooth wireless communication with apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets. View charge cycle status, select the active battery profile, upload new profiles, change between on-board and off-board, and download charge history records.

A high efficiency smart charger   

with smart phone interface

see phone interface  app below

Step 2.

Add a DC cord set to your shopping cart.

Choose the Cord set to fit your cart or choose the SB50 cord set to use with multiple adapter plugs so one charger can be used

with many different carts.

Note the SB50 cordset also connects directly to older Ezgo marathons and others.

Lester 1050w for all  6v batteries  with 200 amp hour plus capacity.

Add on On Board cord (separate)

The Summit II features multi-voltage recognition allowing it to automatically adjust to 36 volt or 48 volt charging without the need for user adjustment when moving from one vehicle to another. This technology has never been easier to use to get the correct charge for a specific battery as recommended by the manufacture.

Simple    2 step   order process

​Step 1 choose 650w or 1050w

Click play to watch a short video on using the phone app to select the correct charge for a specific battery make & model

Add a cord to a charger order


Purchase with a charger 

The Summit II features Bluetooth communication with Apple and Android phones and tablets. View charge cycle status. Select Battery charge profile or upload a new profile, download charge history, view when the current charge will be complete,  and more.  

How to order Lester chargers. Choose the 650w golf cart or the 1050w industrial model charger. Add the charger to cart. Then select a DC cord set and add that to cart. That's it.

If you selected SB50 Universal cord set. Add as any adapters needed to your cart.