2021 brings the IQ conversion kit for resistor coil carts 1987 &  up

with a complete plug & play wiring harness, Choose a 400 or 500 amp speed control,

a 200 or 400 amp solenoid, with rocker switch F&R and electronic go pedal.

Available with either a 10 hp or 14 hp Admiral motor

Available now 

for 1986 & up Club Car DS

with a 10 spline motor

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IQ Conversion Kit

This kit converts Club Car

resistor coil carts 1986 & up

to solid state IQ drive.

Like a modern Precedent

2022 Reviews

Conversion kit is awesome! Runs great 28 mph!! 

6/20/21 from Daniel K with 14 hp A4 motor 22 inch tires

Steve R wrote

I got her all buttoned up last night. All I can say is WOW! What a difference! Easily cruising at 22-23 mph, and even hit 24mph in flat ground Florida after mile 5. Can’t wait to put the lift and 23” tires on her to see what she’ll do. Lol.
Overall, the kit was relatively simple install, in total from tear down to completion I have about 10-12 hours invested. Some of that time was spent cleaning up existing wiring runs for the lights, replacing rusty bolts/nuts, and just general tidying up of an old cart.

Rob F in SC wrote                                                                              I got everything installed and its working AWESOME…. 

I can’t believe what a difference this has made. 

Your instructions and number connections

made this a piece of cake!

​Thank you for the kit

IQ is Club Cars most reliable Sepex drive system to date. 

IQ is a truly capable and reliable drive system

that can be used with all of the Alltrax add-on FN controls 

We help thousands of people upgrade their carts each year. What I'm about to tell you has been learned from thousands of upgrades.

The 36v operating voltage and the resistor coil drive system are obsolete. The last 36v cart rolled off the assembly line years ago. There are no more 36v carts in production.

The solid state conversion allows these older carts to be updated to modern performance specifications. See your cart hit 22-28 mph.

No more being left behind the crowd.

48v produces more torque, more speed, more efficiently than 36. 

The last 36v cart rolled off the assembly line years ago.

There are no more 36v carts in production.

Series drive carts have also been discontinued except for some industrial application where slow and strong is desired. While the C54 type kit has been a very popular upgrade I anticipate the new IQ conversion will exceed the demand for series cart upgrades.

The Admiral motors offered in this kit are purpose built 10 & 14 hp motors with field maps available for high torque or high speed.

We will continue to provide the series conversions for cost conscious consumers but, we suggest the IQ conversion for better performance and ease of installation over all.

Technician recommendation

Alltrax FN2 has 2  knobs for speed and regen brake control.

Change speed limit or regen brake pressure on the fly.

Increase brake life and achieve shorter braking distances.

400 amps 9 hp is out of stock - we have the 500 amp 14 hp in stock

Customer Reviews

I installed this IQ conversion kit in my previously 36v 1996 Club Car with a tired motor. I frame stripped this cart with the intention of bringing it into the 21st century, repaint and 48 volt L-ion update. Found this kit on line and man! was it just what I was looking for! The kit allowed  me to strip “all” of the old wiring and convert to a cleaner lighter weight vehicle with modern electronics and a significantly more powerful motor. Due to Scotty’s extensive research and development of this system, it was a simple and quick project. I am a retired mechanic but read the directions and follow step by step and moderate hand skills with tools will net a great return on investment. 

Bottom line...if you want to wake up your tired cart, this IS the way to go!!!
Thanks Scotty and crew GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Gary Stone 

Click the link below to see the Alltrax add-on modules like FN2 regen and speed dials

and the popular the popular FN-Key 3 mode keyed speed switch

Warranty info.

Alltrax controllers have a 2 year factory warranty.

Admiral motors have a 1 yr manufacturer warranty

Lester Chargers have a 4 yr manufacturer warranty

This kit includes an Alltrax XCT controller with cooling fan, a heavy duty solenoid, a new electronic go pedal, a rocker switch F&R with housing, a big orange Admiral  motor with a complete new custom wire harness. The harness is plug and play.

The kit is compatible with the FN controls for speed, regen, or mode selections. Also compatible with the new Bluetooth Module & program app for mobile phones. See these options in the addon menu options. This controller comes pre programmed for plug n play use.

Controller mount shipping options

Golf Cart Parts and

Golf Cart Accessories

Current lead time is 7-14 days from order to delivery.

Email us at cartsunlimited.net@gmail.com with any questions.

Aluminum controller mounting plate. Predrilled for the Alltrax controller. 

9 x 11 thick plate that bolts to the frame with the included hardware. Skip going to the hardware store and making your own aluminum angle metal support for the controller.

The oversized plate serves as a controller mount and splash guard for the electronics. Available as an add-on option for $24.95 with free shipping

golf ​​​​​​​Carts Unlimited

This kit is 48 volts only

We recommend 6/8v batteries. Optional 8/6v batteries will work fine.

​We carry the Lester Summit smart chargers for your battery charging needs. 

Performance will yield much harder & faster acceleration than stock with a top speed of about 22-23 mph on stock 18" tires and proportionately  greater speed with taller tires. 

Estimated 20" tires yield 25 mph ( no lift kit required on most carts)

Estimated 22-23" tires yield 26.5 - 27.5 mph.

Regen braking will improve brake response shortening the stopping distance and increasing safety. We recommend the larger A4 motor for most off road activity If more than 2 riders and any cart with 23" tires or seats where 4 adults may ride.

For the average application the 400 amp 10 hp combo is more than enough boost capable of 22-25 mph with 18-20 inch tires.

What's included :

         The parts list:            

□ Admiral A2 or A4 Motor (shipped separately)     

□ 10 piece 2g numbered cable set. Or 5 piece set for Lithium.
□ Alltrax XCT controller with a fan kit, main battery fuse, and solenoid mount
□ Heavy duty solenoid with (2) diodes one each 3 amps and Alltrax 6 amps
□ Electronic go pedal with mounting hardware and a spare 2a fuse 
□ Plug n Play main wire harness (additional harness is attached to the Go pedal)
□ Motor field wire harness.

Heavy wire lead connects motor F1 and F2 to the speed controller  
□ A reverse beeper and a digital LED battery meter with aluminum trim piece.
□ Brake Spring L bracket (for use with pre-1995 DS models). Hardware to mount controller, solenoid, pedal and beeper
□ F&R rocker switch, switch housing with stainless mounting screws and plastic plugs for extra old F&R holes
□ 3 Zip ties for securing the wire harness under the cart. Additional ties by installer where needed to secure the wires.
□ FN device or BT program module if purchased from additional options list. Must be installed if included with the kit.
□ Optional controller mounting plate. Mounts directly behind the driver and batteries.
□ Keep instructions and receipt for warranty purposes.

Motor 1yr. Controller 2yr. Electronics 60 days. ​

Research and development 01/2019 - 02/21

02/28/21 Beta testing complete.  We have a running IQ cart. The same 1989 cart we used to introduce the current series conversion V2 3 years ago now has a modern CC IQ sepex drive system.

The new project used the same go pedal as before, same 6/8v batteries, and  same stock wheels and tires. Our test cart includes

Electronics include a  500 amp IQ controller with fan kit.

MZJ400A Super duty solenoid

Admiral A2 or optional A4 motor

Optional FN2 speed/regen control (regen optional or dash board controls)

Optional Bluetooth program module ( program your controller using your phone)

2g cable set ( complete)

Digital battery meter (with trim piece) 

Aged battery set 6/8v

The wire harness for this project has been developed by in house. Our goal to make a plug and play conversion has been realized.


Test runs on 18" tires and somewhat aged batteries netted 23mph on a gravel road. Taller tires net higher top speed. Example 22.5 inch tall tires are 25% taller than stock which will increase top speed by an equal amount netting 28.75 mph mathematically. 

​More fun to come ! Whoo - Hoo