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Custom SW202 mount bracket fits Ezgo, Club Car, and others 

Ezgo install is a level 2 install 

Club Car and Yamaha is a level 3 install 

install rating system 

Our goal is to offer you upgrade options while letting you decide what you can handle comfortably

Reviews below

The SW202 terminals require 3/8ths cable lugs on the 4 high amperage cable lugss. If you are making or modifying your cables to fit you will need 4

of these high quality copper cable lugs suitable for solder  or crimp attachment

Copper 3/8ths cable lugs

Reversing Contactors

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General Reversing Contactor Installation     9/26/13            Your install instruction may vary

Replacing the Rotary style F&R with the reversing contactor is a simple process. There are four main cables on the rotary F&R. These are the same four cables which go to the new reversing contactor

Ezgo, the SW182 reversing contactor bolts to the floor bracket where the Rotary F and R is mounted originally.                        The super duty contactor comes with a larger replacement bracket which replaces the OEM bracket.

CC and others now include the custom universal mount bracket for SW182, DC182, and SW202

To complete the activation or trigger circuit provide 16- 14g wire and crimp connectors as follows

1. See illustration – Install the diodes as shown. Note the orientation of the banded or red and of the diode toward the top terminal. This is very important. Double check before proceeding with the install

2. Provide 36 or 48 V (+) new wire to the center pin on the rocker switch from the solenoid as shown

3. Provide (+) X and Y wire going to the left and right side top terminals on the reversing contactor (shown)

4. Provide (-) wire Z to both sides of the contactor AS SHOWN in the diagram

5. Ezgo, with the key off, find the small red and blue wires from the original F&R and splice them together with a connector. This will provide power to the key switch.  Red wire may originate from battery pack or charge receptacle. It is pack voltage positive (+).  Ezgo blue wire goes to key switch.

5A. Club Car/others insure pack voltage (+) to the key switch. From the key switch to micro switch on throttle device which triggers the solenoid and provides (+) to contactor rocker switch center pin.

If using a 36v contactor in a 48v system connect the (-) wire to 36v (-) within the pack, not total pack main (-)  Battery #6 in 8/6v (36v) or battery #5 in 6/8v (40v) either of these are acceptable. Over voltage at the activation circuit will shorten the life of the contactor. See supplemental diagram

That's it, your installation is complete. The rocker switch has a center neutral position. The cart will not run with the rocker switch in the neutral position. Putting the rocker switch in the neutral position de-energizes the magnetic field in the reversing contactor thus releasing the contact. It is best to put the switch in neutral or turn the car off when not in use to avoid leaving the contactor energized for long periods of time when not in use. The same goes for your main solenoid. Turning them off when not in use not only avoids accidental startups but increases the useful life of these contractors.

Troubleshooting:    Verify that cables number 3.4.5.& 8 are in the correct position according to the diagram at BOTH ends. If the cart does not run check that you have a constant negative to both bottom small terminals. Check that you have a positive signal coming to each one of the top small terminals depending on the position of the rocker switch, when the gas pedal is pressed. The reversing contactor will give an audible click when both the positive and negative are present at their respective small terminals.  The contactor will make a  click each time it is engaged.                                  Revised 10-21-15

About size:  If your cart has big tires & a rear seat, or is used off road in soft or hilly terrain use the bigger SW202. 

Over sized components perform much better than under size.    Correct application is the buyers responsibility

If you would help deciding which contactor you need email

See partial (not complete) standard instruction below

This is a  level 2  install for Ezgo & level 3 for Club Car

 Install diagram  below. Typical of Scotty's big picture this diagram shows every wire in the cart needed to run.  A 2nd supplied illustration breaks down the switch wiring . Some wiring tools and connectors as well as wrenches required.

Superduty applications require larger 3/8 cable ends.  

Use Carts Unlimited cable sets for the best results.

SW202 - 36V  Super Duty Kit - $269

Kit includes switch and custom mounting bracket

Instructions show how to use the 36v unit with 36v now and 48 volts later.

Choose instructions for your cart in the drop down menu below

SW202 - 48V  Super Duty Kit - $269

with switch, instruction, and custom mount bracket

 Choose CC or Ezgo instructions for your cart below 

DC182-48v  Heavy Duty Kit   $199 - $219

Use on all 48v carts and 36v carts that have been converted to 48v operation.

From the drop down menus select the cart manufacture and controller type for instructions. 

Replacement part DC182 is an upgrade over the old SW182.  DC182 is less exposed       

Select Manufacture
Controller info
Select Manufacture
My Controller info
DC182-36 by Cart Manufacture
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DC182-48 by Cart Manufacture
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Super Duty

   SW202 For carts with speed controllers 

500 Amps

    & up

  ​Heavy Duty


For carts with speed controllers up to 400 amps   

DC182-36v  Heavy Duty Kit   $199 - $219

This is a level 2 install for Ezgo, a level 3 install for Club Car and Yamaha

The instruction includes a wiring diagram and some written guidelines 

Ezgo TXT mounts to original F&R bracket. All others include mounting bracket . 

From the drop down menus select the cart manufacture and controller type.

Replacement part DC182 is an upgrade over the old SW182.  DC182 is less exposed   

Customer Reviews
I got the reversing contactor in yesterday by lunch time and had it installed on my Ezgo in about 2 hours.That thing is GREAT! We rode the cart for about 8 miles on the black top and when I got back the reversing contactor was about the same temp as it was outside.The wife and kids also love the rocker switch instead of that old hard to push lever! This kit seems like a super sweet addition to any TXT(series cart) and looks like it will hold up great also.It will be put through the test this hunting season.

Thanks Scotty for the fast shipping also!

Hi Scotty
Just wanted to drop a  quick note and let you know I received my order and got it all installed over the weekend.  Your instructions were easy to follow and I had no issues installing the controller and reverse contactor.  
Thanks for a great product and great service!

Lets face it - you probably don't golf with your cart  

You may have big tires and drive off road over hills, through mud or sand, with extra passengers

and additional loads.
You have upgraded your controller, your solenoid, your cables, maybe even your motor. 
But you still have the old style rotary F&R that your Grammy used. 

Series carts are the tow motor workhorses of the golf cart family,

They are perfectly suited  for off road trips or camping & farm chores. 
But the F&R switch is the weakest link in the amperage delivery system. 
All of the amperage delivered to the series motor goes through the F&R switch.
A high percentage of all breakdowns in series carts are F&R switch related.

Here is the solution in 2 sizes

Heavy Duty for 3-400 amp controllers (use with standard 5/16 cable lugs)
Super Duty for use with 500 amps & up (4 bigger 3/8ths cable lugs required)  

Each Reversing Contactor Conversion Kit includes complete Scottyb instructions,
One Reversing Contactor, one F&R rocker switch and one F&R switch housing shown. 
Mounting hardware included for contactor and switch.

And mount bracket supplied where needed

Installer provides 16g wire for switch and a few crimp on connectors.

Simple cable and wire diagram is clear and easy to follow.  1-2 hour install

How happy would Momma be with a smooth operating rocker switch

instead of wrestling that old stiff lever !?

The Heavy Duty DC182 fits most neighborhood and campground cart uses. 

Super Duty SW202 comes with a new stainless mounting  bracket shown above

In all cases these reversing contactors have larger higher quality contacts in them than the rotary style switches they replace. If you are looking for better - this is the best.

Mounting brackets fit all models. Mounting frame holes needed on some models.
** DC182 fits stock Ezgo F&R bracket and cables
Mounting bracket for SW202 is a bolt in fit for Ezgo - 3/8ths cable ends required
All other applications will receive a mounting bracket which require 2 holes in cart frame for mounting. 
Hardware and COMPLETE instruction is included.​ Email tech support and BGW forum help available

The Forward & Reverse Contactor is an electromagnetic switch that

provides a more positive contact for high amperage switching. 
The contacts are larger and the connection is more positive .
There switches replace the old rotary type F&Rs with a rocker switch shifter.


​Reversing Contactors