48 volt ​72AH  combo $2259.

The Combo includes.

A big single battery, on board charger, 12v DC reducer, battery monitor gauge 

mounting hardware, and AC charge port with simple instructions. 

In Stock - Available Now 

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Easy Install.  The Eco Battery Combo comes with everything needed

for a simple and fast installation.

Fast Charging.  The on board charger charges 3 times faster than conventional​.

​You can charge partially or fully at anytime. No more adverse battery memory effect.

Lightweight.  Our Eco Battery eliminated                         300 pounds of dead weight compared to 6/8v wet cell batteries.


Eco Battery 

8 yr warranty

drop in set up

More POWER.  The Eco Battery provides higher output and longer runtimes

           giving your cart a big boost in speed and torque. Plus a longer run time.

Zero  Maintenance.  Our Eco Battery requires no maintenance.

There is no water to fill.    No corroded terminals to clean.

This is a revolutionary advancement in golf cart life.

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